Ormonde Construction Services

We provide services such as:

Site Consultation:

We can meet with clients on site to discuss any development concerns you may have regarding house pad size and location, home orientation, driveway and utilities installation, grading issues, and costs relating to all.

This can be very helpful before you actually commit to the land purchase as we have land in our area that is priced very attractively because it is more costly and or less desirable to develop.

When you add the potential extra costs involved with development, you could end up with a less desireable home site that might cost you more than if you would have purchased the more expensive parcel.

Design Consultation:

We like to work as a team with the architect to keep an eye on design and size of your project. This allows us to help keep a closer eye on your overall budget.

We can estimate your costs very early on in the design phase and make adjustments to the design as needed before your plans are completed. We only need a floor plan and minor elevations at this point to get a fairly accurate estimate of costs. 

Full Service Builder:

I like to handle all aspects of the construction phase. The owner should only have to worry about materials selections. From grading thru pool and landscaping if desired.  Barns, outbuildings, pool houses, etc., we can handle all of this for you. 

We give our clients a time schedule to follow for selections. This allows our clients to focus on selections needed now vs. 2 months from now

ie: now - windows, exterior doors, roofing, fireplaces, etc.,

ie: later -cabinet design, tile and hard surface selections, paint colors, etc.

We handle all the scheduling of our employees, sub-contractors, materials ordering, all component interfacing and coordinating of information with-in proper entities.

Please contact us to find out more.

New Construction

Home/Commercial Remodel

Custom Design