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We are fairly new to the commercial side of construction.  It is a very exciting and rewarding branch of construction.

One of our first projects involved building a wine tasting room for Red Soles Winery, a very good past client of ours. It was a fairly simple design that turned out to be quite nice looking in its simplicity. Working with Randy and Cheryl  is always a delight.

Another larger project we recently completed was a complete make over of the Paso Robles Golf Club.

Once again, the owner was a cherished past client of ours, and I was excited about his vision for the remodel. I knew Mike was the perfect fit for this endeavor.

We completely changed the look and feel of an extremely run down facility into a very attractive destination spot in Paso Robles.

Working with Mike,  we demolished several structures, opened up the feel and view leading into the club house, built a new cart barn, remodeled the entire club house, bar, restaurant and dining rooms, added a new snack bar and poured over 500 yards of concrete around the facility.

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